Press release March 10: Norway Trade Fairs cancels all events through April 2020

Norway Trade Fairs cancels all events through April. This step is implemented in consultation with the district public health officer of Lillestrøm, Hedi Anne Birkeland, who today decided that all events during this period should be cancelled.

This is a precautionary measure and to prevent infection in connection with our events, says Gunn Helen Hagen, CEO of Norway Trade Fairs.

-People’s health is our top priority. Our events at Lillestrøm gather 500,000 participants at fairs and conferences every year. We want to make sure that nobody falls ill in connection with our events.  People shall be safe at our premises, says Hagen.

Employees were informed of the decision today, immediately after the decision was made. They were also informed that a layoff notice will be sent to all employees. Work is now ongoing to identify who and how many this will affect.

– We are committed to taking care of our employees in the best possible way during this period. This is obviously a demanding situation for those concerned and the need for information will be great. We will support our employees during this period, says Hagen.

The decision will also have consequences for exhibitors, suppliers and hired staff. These are now continuously updated.

Ticket sales to all events in the relevant period are cancelled. Norway Trade Fairs wants to ensure that no consumers will be financially affected. Anyone who has purchased tickets for events during the period will be refunded automatically. Therefore, the public does not need to contact us for a refund. Any questions can still be directed to: [email protected]

During the period, Norway Trade Fairs will continue to cooperate with the district public health officer and other relevant bodies. Norway Trade Fairs does not want to speculate as to whether the period could be extended at a later time.

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