New parking system at Norway Trade Fairs

Now you don’t need a ticket when you drive in and out of the parking area at Norway Trade Fairs. From April 1th 2019 your car license plate will automatically be camera registered at entry and exit.

With the new Autopay parking system, you can safely spend time at the exhibition area without thinking about parking time running out.

You have several different options for parking payment:

1. Pay at within 48 hours to avoid an invoice.

2. Register at for automatic payment.

3. Pay at the payment machine at the parking area – you have to enter license number.

4. Drive off without doing anything – invoice will be sent to owner of vehicle.

Note! Remember the number on your car license plate, you need it when you pay.

Tip: Take a picture of your car license plate with your mobile.

For more information, see or phone +47 22 84 92 00

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